Libanesisches Olivenöl – 750 Ml

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Real, not alterated olive oil smells of olives and has a strong taste of Lebanon. Freshly pressed olive oil tastes very spicy and peppery and it scratches your throat a bit. This is a quality feature. Over time, the oil becomes softer in taste, and after several months it usually tastes soft and mild.

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Vintage Year : Jan 2023
Delivery Time : 2-5 days
Product Contains : 0.75 Liters
Price Per Liter : 12,46 Euro
Alcohol Volume : n/a


The production of olive oil goes back to the Phoenicians in the 3rd century and is still one of the oldest branches of industry in Lebanon. With olive oil being a key ingredient in most traditional Lebanese dishes, including world famous mezzes, it's no wonder olive oil production has played such an important role in Lebanese history.

Willani Olive Oil uses the best techniques to extract the best olive oils in terms of quality and taste. Extra virgin olive oil has the highest number of antioxidants. Extracted through a cold press process, it retains most of the olive's natural flavors and does not contain any chemicals or solvents to process it.

Here is a video about the Willani olive oil

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