Domaine Wardy


Wardy (Rose) Mousallem is the great-great-grandmother, which would place her in the late 18th Century living in the lush Zahle region of Lebanon, her husband owned orchards and vineyards at a time when making wine and arak were common in all Lebanese homes. He was ambushed and killed by the Ottoman army. Wardy, left a young widow with three young children, came into her own and assumed the role of matriarch to the entire family. So much so, her children started to be referred to as Wardy’s Children. Her name became more important than her husband’s surname.

Winery, Terroir and Labels

For far too long, the Lebanese wine industry has shied away from its roots, preferring the safe and well-tried route of imitation French or the sleek ultra-modern in its labeling and designs. Yet this is a region drenched with fine wine since the beginning of civilization. A region that has continuously produced wine for more than 6000 years. Domaine Wardy has decided to display our heritage proudly by designing labels that are unmistakably near eastern, unmistakably Lebanese. These wonderfully intricate creations became the inspiration for our new labels, brought to life by the renowned designer Tarek Atrissi.

Domaine Wardy Wines

Domaine Wardy Spirits

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