Chateau Heritage


Château Héritage is a producer of Lebanese wine located in the heart of the beautiful Bekaa-Valley of Lebanon. It is the first and only Lebanese winery to have ever been elected for three years in a row amongst the Top 50 best wineries of the planet. The Touma Family settled in the Bekaa-Valley and established one of the first wine and Arak Producing plants of Lebanon in 1888. Château Héritage is now a Fourth-Generation producer of wines and is proud to keep the long history of the Touma Family traditions alive. Château Héritage started releasing its first wine bottles into the market in 1997. The winery was established in an abandoned historical old school building that was built in 1927.

Winery and Terroir

Château Héritage produces unique Lebanese wines that reflect the character of the historic Lebanese terroir which is the birthplace of winemaking.

Chateau Heritage operates 64 hectares of land located in the Bekaa Valley, with terroirs falling into two main categories, namely limestone and clay. The terroir is at an altitude of 1000 m above the Mediterranean Sea, the vineyards benefit from the unique and favorable weather conditions of the Bekaa Valley, which provide the grapes with all the elements necessary for their survival and good development. Cabernet - Sauvignon is the base of all red wines from Château Héritage. It thrives anywhere, just like the Lebanese. Its combination with the terroir of the Bekaa Valley confers superior results. It is the oldest grape variety that has been cultivated in Lebanon, Cinsault is the second preferred grape variety of the castle. It has no tannins but is very fruity and juicy. When blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault produces exceptional wines.

Chateau Heritage Wines

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