Lebanon Arak Basket


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Arak Touma - 0.54L

Arak Touma is a distilled grape that is Anise flavoured . This is triple distilled and aged for six months in clay jugs. It has a slight sweetness and a fresh finish.

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Arak Kefraya - 0.7L

Arak Kefraya is a white alcohol, in which the very best French distillation methods are matched with Lebanese tradition. Arak Kefraya is the only one which is distilled four times and from which methanol is taken out.

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Arak Brun - 0.7L

Produced from the alcohol of grapes and blended with fresh anise all selected with great care, Arak Brun is the world’s most famous arak. It is produced inside a hundred-year-old cellar in the very prestigious Domaine des Tourelles. Arak Brun is processed traditionally using a three-stage distillation.

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Delivery Time : 2-5 Days
Product Contains : 2 Liters
Price Per Liter : 41 Euro
Alcohol Volume : 53%


Lebanon Arak Basket

Traditionally in Lebanon, Arak goes with mezze. It is served in small glasses with 50% Arak and 50% fresh water with ice cubes. It can be enjoyed as an appetiser with 1/5 arak and 4/5 fresh water with ice cubes. This basket includes three bottles.

  • Arak Touma 0.54 Liters
  • Arak Brun 0.7 Liters
  • Arak Kefraya 0.7 Liters

Legal Disclaimer
Alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18.


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