Arak Fakra 0.7L

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The secret of “ARAK FAKRA” lies in the combination of two Lebanese vine-plants “Obeidi” and “Merwayh” and the anise coming exclusively from the Syrian “Hina”. The joyful combination of soil, climate, and sunlight has a major effect on the aroma of both vine and aniseed. “Assal” and “Laban” springs add a final touch of delicacy to “ARAK FAKRA”.


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Arak Fakra is an extra special baladi Arak, distilled in keeping with the ancestral Lebanese traditions with a selection of clusters of grapes and top-quality aniseed. It is then aged until maturity in baked clay jars which gives it a taste unlike any other.

Arak is the national Lebanese beverage. Today, over 100 years later, this family's descendants perpetuate the traditions of the Lebanese mountain by producing with the same method and according to the same formula that rare arak bearing the name of Arak Fakra, a name inspired by a prestigious site of that mountain situated at an altitude of more then 1500 meters.

Already long before our era, the Romans had chosen this area to raise temples devoted to their divinities among which that of Venus and monuments honoring emperor Claudius (10AC - 54AD) whose name was Baalgalassos. The shadow of these temples' ruins still hands today over the cellars where Arak Fakra comes to maturity.