Adyar – Expression Monastique

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The robe is a beautiful ruby color. The nose reveals aromas of red fruits and incense. The wine, complex, also blends notes of black fruits. in the mouth, the attack is frank, firm, and yet smooth. The tannins are silky, rich with beautiful notes of licorice. This wine is full-bodied, concentrated and perfectly balanced. best served with crustaceans and white meat.

Vintage Year : 2012
Delivery Time : 2-5 Days
Product Contains : 0.75 Liters
Price Per Liter : 16 Euro
Alcohol Volume : 14%


16 Years of Organic Agriculture Challenge, Awarded by 16 medals in 2019. As known around the world, winemaking is a well-rooted monastic Tradition. The monks of the Lebanese Maronite Order are extremely proud to have been able to conduct this prestigious heritage till this day, and to have provided the consumers with a “noble and unique wine”. "The patient and dedicated work in the land produces a high-quality wine, which reflects a true success of organic agriculture in Lebanon”.

Adyar is committed to cultivating its grapes with no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, and no chemical herbicides, on virgin lands. The crops are treated only with minerals and herbal extracts. Through its genuine know-how and strict respect of organic agriculture standards. Adyar was the first Lebanese wine to be certified organic for all its vintages, by the prestigious IMC “Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione”. Characterized by its different vineyards spread across the whole.

Lebanese territory, ADYAR overcomes the concept of mere Lebanese wine to create a Terroir Wine by excellence. Every region offers a climate and a terroir that are adequate and specific to the organically cultivated vine. As a result, a wide variety of wines is produced, inviting the consumer to discover the authentic taste of eight wines (Red, white, and rosé) currently available on the market.